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VCI Shrink Film

VCI Shrink Film

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VCI Shrink Film

This product is designed to be an alternative to expensive multi-layer laminated flexible structures and eliminates the need for vacuum packaging and dehumidification. The shrink film fits more tightly around objects, reducing or eliminating wear and tear in windy conditions.

Key Points

  • VCI vapors easily migrate to hard-to-reach areas like drilled holes, crevices, etc. & giving effective protection during storage and transit.
  • It securely wraps irregularly shaped pieces of equipment/products that are difficult to wrap and move.
  • When heat is applied, it shrinks, strengthens, and conforms to the shape of the Packaged item to provide a strong & tight pack
  • Immediate use of protected object upon removal.
  • Impregnated UV stabilizers protect the film for up to 2 years from the external environment.


  • Military vehicles and equipment preservation
  • Export packaging of expensive larger equipment.
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles, etc.) preservation
  • Packing of valves, crankshaft, pistons, computer instruments, machinery components, etc.
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