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VCI Safeweave

VCI Safeweave

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VCI Safeweave

Safepack VCI Safeweave is a tough recyclable multi-layered woven fabric, available in 3D bags, hood and bottom type, and shroud form.

Key Points

  • High-strength HDPE fabric laminate for heavy-duty application.
  • Suitable for automatic & manual packing.
  • Protection for ferrous, non-ferrous, and composite metals.
  • Available up to 4000 mm width (seamless) and with 2-color custom printing.


    • Ideal for long-term preservation of large/heavy parts & equipment, idle assets, a bundle of pipes and boiler tubes, vessels, storage tanks and skids, operational and capital critical spares, production equipment, key assets, and mothballing.
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