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VCI Aerosol Spray

VCI Aerosol Spray

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VCI Aerosol spray

SAFEPACK VCI Aerosol spray is a specially developed multipurpose solution having hi-tech VCI chemicals (volatile corrosion inhibitors) dispersed in an oil or solvent base.

Key Points

  • Offers protection to a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical /optical/mechanical surface properties
  • VCI Spray protects metals from vapor actions.
  • It has the property of neutralizing acidic radicals to a certain extent that may be adhered to the metal surface
  • Protection lasts up to 24 months for internal storage and up to six months for external storage when parts are covered with suitable secondary packaging material such as polyethylene, laminated paper, plastic container/bag, etc.


  • VCI spray is an ideal rust preventer for closed systems like fuel tanks, storage tanks, gear housings, crankshafts, hydraulic reservoirs, metal containers, coolant circulating systems, transmissions, parts of diesel/petrol engines, steel parts, etc. It provides protection to multi-metals (i.e. ferrous and non-ferrous metals).
  • It is the most viable option where VCI paper, VCI Powder, VCI Tablets, and VCI Oils cannot be used.
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