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VCI Tablets

VCI Tablets

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VCI Tablets

Safepack VCI Tablet is an efficient and dry method of protecting ferrous & non-ferrous metals (multi-metals) and electrical/electronic contact points from corrosion/oxidation/rust when packed in enclosed containers, boxes, cabinets, polythene bags, and cartons.

Key Points

  • Eliminates the use of labor-intensive conventional methods of greasing, oiling, wiping, spraying, or dipping.
  • Works well in humid conditions and is unaffected by pollutants.
  • Hi-tech VCIs for multi-metal protection.
  • Does not affect electrical, optical, or surface properties.


  • VCI Tablets are especially suitable for the protection of spare parts/components packed in polybags due to ease of insertion either manually or with a dispenser.
  • VCI Tablets provide a mono-molecular protective layer on metal surfaces guarding against oxidation and corrosion.

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